A chantar m’er de so qui’ieu non volria by SaraCuervo

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Daily Spitpaint, 26-3-14: Rose Angel (30 min.)

Daily Spitpaint, 25-3-14: Demon’s Door (30 min.)

Daily Spitpaint, 20-3-14: Elephant Rider (30 min.)

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18. As a kid/adult


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6. *¬*

6. With no clothes on

For his whole life, he was preparing for that moment. Anticipating it. Yet, when it came, of course he wasn’t ready.

(holy hell I wanted to do just plain fanservice and I ended up drawing Cyan in one of the most fucked-up moments of his life. The heck is wrong with me)

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Dalia Moone -commission-
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Sketch commission
want me to draw? Commissions are open -> http://saracuervo.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-Information-222172832

Casi todo listo para la Japan Weekend. ¡Nos vemos allí! <3

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20. Sleeping

(he sleeps naked anyway… )



El pasado 15 de febrero salió el primer número de 2014 de la revista Inari, la cual coordino. Esta vez la temática fue ciencia ficción, y la portada fue realizada por Sara Cuervo, a la cual entrevistamos entre nuestras páginas. también tenemos el placer de contar con una entrevista a Raúl Arnáiz y Óscar Herrero (autores de Home) y a AOJ, el fotógrafo al que los cosplayer quieren.

Si queréis leerla, os dejo el link al blog: http://revistainari.blogspot.com.es/2014/02/inari-n4.html

The fourth issue of the magazine I design is already available for everyone to read! Although you might not know or understand Spanish, the artists that we talk about are from Spain and all of them are amazingly talented!

(I should have posted about my collaboration with INARI here on Tumblr as well, but I forgot because I’m human trash)

Check it out, hope you will like it!

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12. Hanging out with a friend

One does not simply steal french fries from Elorian.